Our work

ADG Group next generation cinema

Shopworks have been appointed by Russia’s ADG Group to design the entertainment floor for 39 Russian neighbourhood centres. ADG’s mission involves converting the historical cinema complexes into revitalised community-based retail and leisure destinations to bring a new quality of urban life and retail convenience to over 2.5 million Muscovites. Conceived during the Soviet era, the 39 cinemas are located in a giant ring around Moscow’s Third Transportation Ring (Peripherique).

The existing buildings will be replaced, keeping their names and spirit of community to create next-generation neighbourhood centres that are a carefully crafted mix of digitally connected and experiential, cultural, retail, leisure and community-focused activities. This will be achieved by integrating real experiences into retail offerings. Spread over an average of four open plan floors, every retail category will provide their customers with an integrated experience.

Based on international benchmarking and customer research our involvement with the project has been to design, detail and deliver a convenient and experiential entertainment multimedia concept. We created zones for different activities (entertainment, integrated food and beverage, home hub and retail) and incorporated self service concessions designed to disrupt the customer journey and maximise sales.

Client: ADG Group

Location: Moscow, Russia