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Megafon flagship store design

Megafon telecom retail store design Russia

Russian mobile phone operator Megafon required a design to maximise customer traffic flow and exposure to products and services, while creating greater engagement between the customer and the MegaFon brand, in turn increasing profitability.

As an industry based on technology, the telecoms business had historically lived with a slightly cold and aggressive image. We turned this on its head by creating a friendlier and more human in-store experience which enables customers to feel comfortable and at home with technology.

A minimalist, functional design allows customers access to almost every area of the store, guided through by careful placement of floor units and the gently curving wall, and drawn by the circular display wall (which is a direct translation of the circular brand), and by the stunning ‘forest waterfall’ and customer services counter at the rear of the store.

Products and services are clearly displayed and well lit, the giant lampshade gives focus to key products, and the information pods address customer service needs, aiding understanding, stimulating interest and building engagement with the brand.

Client: Megafon

Location: Russia