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Movie Heroes new retail format and roll out


Inventive Retail Group (IRG), in cooperation with Kino Okko (Rambler Group) cinemas, has launched a chain of licensed toy stores to monetise the interested around toys and accessories based on movie characters. With the first pilot 50m2 store located in the cinema lobby the products sold are designed for impulse purchases by passing cinema-goers.

Apart from the retail space itself, there is a zone with promotional products and new releases as well as a photoshoot area – where customers can take a photo with their favourite character.

The Shopworks team developed the brand corporate identity, devised a slogan and finalised the logo. Shopworks also created the design concept and provided a planning solution to ensure the most effective space distribution and arrangement of merchandising units. We also produced a brand book for rolling out to new stores.

Client: Movie Heroes

Location: Russia