Safe Distancing in Retail

Retailers are currently operating in an unprecedented difficult time and now more than ever it is critical that they quickly adapt to establish safe and efficient safe distancing retail environments for staff and shoppers. There are many considerations that retail businesses must make though when setting store occupancy limits which also allow shoppers to move through complex store layouts.

To help retailers react quickly in response to the COVID-19 outbreak Shopworks have developed ‘Safe Distancing Guidelines’ that can quickly and easily be integrated into any size store. We have combined our best practice floor planning principles with the recommended government social distancing advice to produce a set of traffic flow and floor planning guidelines which you can apply for the safety of your staff and shoppers.

You can download a free copy of the guidelines here and please get in touch if you need more help.

UK retailer social distancing measures

We are thinking of all our customers in these difficult times and the Shopworks team are working closely with our global customers and retailers to share best practice social distancing shopping initiatives and guidelines. We have put a list together of how the UK designated essential retailers have adapted their stores and the initiatives they are taking to keep their customers and staff safe.

We will keep this article updated with the latest retailer initiatives and government guidelines.

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