About shopworks

We believe in making shops work by creating performance focused designs that deliver memorable shopper experiences based on our 20 years of researching how and why people buy.

With experience in 42 countries through our office in London combined with a network of strategic retail partners, we are experts in creating solutions adapted to the local market and culture.

Using our extensive knowledge base and expertise we have worked with over 120 retailers, service providers and manufacturers from commodity to luxury brands, designing and building high street stores, kiosks, hypermarkets, department stores and shopping centres.

retail performance


We draw on our deep insight into customer shopping habits alongside our product category knowledge to create an engaging brand experience that drives brand loyalty and sales.

undertsand shoppers


Our international retail design and category management services are based on 20 years in- depth understanding of the customer journey.

international retail expertise


As a worldwide retail consultancy we understand the retail principles which are common to most markets and the specific requirements of local individual markets.

account management collaboration


Our philosophy behind every project is to ensure we satisfy the needs of all stakeholders: the shopper, retailer and manufacturer.

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