Whether we are producing a prototype fixture or rolling out a chain of stores internationally, our rigorous project management process ensures we deliver a quality end product, on time and on budget.

The end solution depends on your individual requirements, so each project begins with a planning stage that enables us to adopt the best approach with key consideration given to value and efficiency.

Experienced team


We have international design and build expertise across all functions and across all formats combined with a multifunctional team of in-house experts covering all elements of the design and build process.

What we do


Account management

Site supervision

Project management

Procurement and pricing

Design & technical drawings

accountable delivery team


Our objective is to strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering every project on time, in full and with no errors, whilst also maintaining an unqualified commitment to focus on continuous improvement throughout the build process.

What we do

Accurate site survey

Design sign off

Precise drawings

Transparent costing

Contractor management


value driven

Value driven

We integrate prototyping with customer research to extend the value engineering scope and ensure the final implemented design is both cost effective and fit for purpose.

What we do

Clear understanding of client budget, constraints & objectives

Sourcing through competitive tender process

Prototype / pilot store review of cost and function

Research based customer evaluation

Environmental impact

Environmental impact

By partnering with suppliers committed to sustainability we are able to recycle as many items as possible whilst also delivering energy reduction strategies and tools for our retail and shopping centre customers.

What we do

Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint

Produce cost savings

Identify income generating opportunities

A few examples of our shopfitting work

Pandora Brent Cross Image 1

Seamless Shop Refit for Pandora’s EVOKE 2.0 Concept

Metro image 2

Metro Germany franchise store showcase and rollout

Majestic retail store design London

Majestic Wine new retail format concept

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