Our approach

Our approach is simple. We get under the skin of your brand and make sure that you understand the customer experience from the customer’s viewpoint delivering insight and return on investment.

We achieve this through a comprehensive customer research and design approach that combines both the functional and emotional elements of the shopper journey to create solutions that not only deliver memorable shopper experiences but also maximise retail sales and profit.

Performance focused

We examine every physical touch point with the aim of converting consumers into loyal customers for increased sales and profitability.

retail principles increase number of customers

Increase number of customers

retail principles increase visit frequency

Increase visit frequency

retail principles increase sales conversion

Increase sales conversion

retail principles increase transaction value

Increase transaction value

Rational – Retail Planning Principles

Maximising brand performance by optimising all the physical elements to guide shopper behaviour both in store and at the fixture.

equalise value of retail space

Equalise value of
retail space

direct customers through retail space

Direct customers through retail space

sightlines, angles and access retail floor planning

Sightlines, angles and access

categories and adjacencies

Category management and adjacencies

Emotional – The Customer Journey

Achieving shopper satisfaction by ensuring that their needs, expectations and desires are met a every step of their journey through the store.

retail customer journey principles
customer journey at retail

From a distance

attract, inform, direct

At the

invite, intrigue

On threshold

impress, inform, guide

In store

excite, advise, educate, convert, add value

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