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Bon Veno store concept optimisation and expansion

BonVeno Prague 2

Bon Veno, a new urban convenience store chain owned by Metro, wanted to establish a strong presence in the Czech Republic market. Focusing on fresh food to go, groceries, and convenience, Bon Veno initially targeted the Czech capital, Prague. Central to it’s success, was Metro’s ability to leverage its robust supply chain and operational capabilities to effectively compete in the Czech Republic’s retail landscape.

Recognising the importance of a tailored market entry strategy, Bon Veno engaged Shopworks to optimise their store design and layout to support their expansion plans. Shopworks conducted a comprehensive review of Bon Veno’s initial concept providing recommendations to improve the store design and layout, considering factors such as customer flow, product placement, and retail communications.

Collaborating closely with the local team to implement the recommendations, Shopworks ensured that the new concept aligned with Bon Veno’s local market needs and operational objectives to improve the customer experience.

Bon Veno will not only be applying the optimised concept to their next wave of new sites in Prague but they have also engaged Shopworks support in expanding into new & existing markets.

Client: Bon Veno

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Bon Veno will implement the optimised concept in upcoming Prague sites and enlist Shopworks' support for expanding into new and existing markets.