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Metro franchise brand re-format and roll out


Metro approached Shopworks to help them define the format offer of their franchise brand “My Store” which they planned to relaunch with the opening of a pilot store in the town of Svoge.

Shopworks worked with the Metro team to:

• Develop the store layout strategy and look and feel.
• Establish guidance around category management.
• Adapt the format design to their first ambassador stores, providing detailed designs & specifications.
• Creation of brand and format manuals for the market.
• On-going support with their store roll out beyond their ambassador stores through layout training.

The newly reformatted B2B2C business model will enable merchants to offer a more attractive customer experience while at the same time being more profitable.

By this autumn, Metro will open a second pilot My Store outlet, following which it will roll out the franchise network from October, aiming to become the largest network of its kind in Bulgaria by 2026.

Client: Metro

Location: Germany

The first pilot store showed a +30% increase in sales and footfall

"METRO partnered with Shopworks as part of our strategic project to build the biggest franchise network of grocery stores in Bulgaria. Shopworks played a pivotal role in this process to define the relevant store format with a distinctive value proposition suitable for the local needs. As a result of this endeavour the first ambassador store was opened in June 2023 and the first results show +30% increase in the sales and footfall. Throughout the journey Shopworks demonstrated true professionalism and dedication to the success of the project and they will play a crucial role for the success of the project in the future."

Dimitar Vutkov, Head of Marketing and Franchise at Metro Bulgaria