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New store concept for Kuwait’s first cash and carry format


ONCOST Cash & Carry began as a large trade market supplying local traders, hotels, restaurants, groceries and large families. As business took off the management realised that, although not tried before, a dedicated cash and carry format would fulfil the market requirements.

We began by developing a retail strategy using the distinct red and blue colours. The brand and store design needed capture the business as a ‘go to’ and trusted place for quality fresh produce. The new brand identity needed to appeal to two distinct customer segments, maintaining a B2B atmosphere but with added warmth to attract families.

Ideally located in a shopping mall the 4,000sqm ONCOST store is set over three floors. Having identified the key shopping missions: Daily routine shopping, Full fresh food shopping and Extended shopping we designed the store to best reflect the customer journey.

Work has already begun on an additional site which will then be rolled out to the rest of the region and the UAE.

Client: ONCOST

Location: Kuwait

"We feel Shopworks has understood and answered our local needs. They brought a large array of international experience and succeeded to design a simple, trustworthy and effective concept. Shoppers feedback has been mostly encouraging and constituted a solid platform to embark on a local expansion plan.”

Mr Saleh Al Tunaib, CEO at ONCOST