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OLA Energy partnered with Shopworks to introduce category management principles and improve its store layouts to enhance the customer experience and shopper journey.

The insights delivered by Shopworks have helped to re-position the stores as a must visit on a consumers journey as well as identifying those stores which were well stocked but not operating to the level they should be. For example, the business was particularly strong in alcohol and bakery categories, but grocery lines were weaker.

We were then able to utilise this data to inform the store layout and deliver the 5C’s: cigarettes, confectionary, crisps, cold drinks and consumables. An opportunity for coffee was also identified which although is currently not a big category it is set to grow in the future.

An additional benefit of the partnership for OLA was that it provided a legitimate way to bring its own retailers on board and receptive to the expert advice and recommendations from Shopworks. This resulted in them understanding how to position the new category as well as engaging with the new sites and concepts.

Client: OLA Energy

Location: Africa

Category management insights re-position convenience stores as destination places

“Alongside Shopworks our teams in Kenya and Ivory Coast were able to work closely with our partners to optimise our sites and stores”.

Amged ElHanbali, Corporate Retail Head, OLA Energy