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Research informs Coca-Cola’s recycling initiative at Shell UK sites

Coca-cola recycling research

The Coca-Cola Company collaborated with Shell to launch a communication campaign aimed at improving awareness of plastic bottle and aluminium can recycling facilities on the forecourt and to emphasise Coca-Cola’s commitment to reducing plastic waste.

Objectives of the Qualitative Research Study
1. Understanding awareness: Assessing customer awareness regarding recycling facilities on Shell forecourts.
2. Evaluating attitudes and behaviours: Gauging customer attitudes and behaviours towards recycling in general and towards Coca-Cola’s recycled product packaging.
3. Identifying improvement opportunities: Identifying potential improvements for the newly installed recycling facilities and communication campaign.

Shopworks research consultants conducted over 80 face-to-face interviews with Shell customers at five different forecourt locations. The qualitative insight gathered during the interviews was then combined with quantitative data provided by refuse collection company Biffa, to build a composite picture of Shell customer attitudes and behaviours when recycling on the move.

The qualitative research conducted by Shopworks provided valuable insight into how customers view and engage with recycling initiatives at Shell locations in the UK. This information will be instrumental in shaping upcoming initiatives to boost awareness and participation in recycling and will support Coca-Cola’s commitment to sustainable practices and the reduction of plastic waste.

Client: The Coca-Cola Company

Location: United Kingdom


Powerful insights will support Coca-Cola's future planning

“Shopworks did a fantastic job of delivering a qualitative research project to understand the effectiveness of a recycling program we were testing at Shell’s UK sites. We received powerful insights from their time in store which were summarised well in the debrief document we received and will support our future planning in this space.”

Oliver Delaney, Senior Global Customer Director Petrol Convenience, Coca-Cola