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Viva Móvil flagship store design

Viva Movil telecom retail store design

Shopworks UK was excited to collaborate with worldwide pop icon Jennifer Lopez, to create her brand new flagship store in New York.

The new store concept is based on multiple channels, rather than purely focusing on creating queues at tills. The target audience tends to shop with other people, either as a family day out or in large social groups; so the retail design reflects this, by including both social and product-specific touch points.

The finished result appeals emotionally; it’s a place where customers can shop with family and friends. But it’s also functional. You don’t need to go to a store to buy a phone, but you may need to if you want to understand wider issues such as how it links to your home wi-fi. So our vision was to create a live, fully immersive environment with phones, tablets speakers, headsets and accessories.

If a customer is conducting a mobile phone transaction, they can sit in a family zone, with clustered seating and children’s play area. Digital fanatics can go to an app bar at the back of the store, complete with huge TV screens and social media feeds; and a home bundles area shows people how to connect their phones to home wi-fi systems.

Client: Viva Móvil by Jennifer Lopez

Location: New York, USA